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CCUSA is a leading Camera Crane manufacturer with great design features and proven quality at a fair price.

A solid camera crane is the tool of choice for serious videographers and semi-professionals.  A CobraCrane camera crane delivers with features like built-in camera tilt mechanisms for Automatic Camera Tracking as well as full manual tilt control that provides the discerning user with an extensive level of creative management. Let a camera crane give you easy creative control: For Automatic Tracking, just center the subject in your camera's view finder, then while the crane is boomed up or down the subject automatically remains centered in the viewfinder.

Following proven design technology, each crane is made to stringent specifications. Aircraft grade aluminum provides strength and light-weight components. Precision-machined parts bring long lasting smooth and quiet operation. Our camera crane designs enhance every facet of the photographic process, from still images to video.

For exceptional value, FotoCrane's provide an ultra compact and easy-to-use portable crane. Designed for shooting both photo and video. Easy to carry, they offer a universal solution - fast and efficient for DSLR applications.

The ultimate professional crane for run-and-gun shooting, the compact CobraCrane BackPacker includes a telescopic camera crane arm that shortens to 44 inches for easy storage and worry free portability.

Catch life from any angle with the Cobra Camera Crane Filmmaker Kit featuring maximum heights of 8,11 or 12 feet above ground.

Find the superior video performance, superb workmanship, leading technology and advanced features your work demands in a professional crane. The CobraCrane family allows for cameras weighing up to 20Lbs and maximum heights of 8, 11, 12 and 13 and up to 30Lbs/14 feet on the CobraCrane II HD

To complete your camera tracking systems see the Tracking Dolly, smooth tracking on practically any surface. Also never miss a shot again when on the go with the SteadyTracker camera support system.

Find superior video performance, leading technology and advanced features your work demands CobraCrane professional camera crane products.